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1500mg CBD Gummies

1500mg CBD Gummies

These CBD gummies are delicious and effective. A great alternative to tinctures and inhalation CBD products.

Formulated with organically grown hemp from Tennessee and contains:

  • 25 mg total CBD per gummy
  • 60 gummies/bottle
  • Assorted natural flavors including kiwi, blueberry, dragon fruit, and pineapple.

* These gummies are an excellent alternative to tinctures and inhalation CBD products. If you find the taste of a tincture to be off putting or prefer not to inhale CBD products but still want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, you will love these natural fruit flavored gummies CBD gummies. With a childsafe lid, you can take these gummies with you and enjoy the effects of CBD anytime and anywhere. Our CBD products are made with organically grown hemp in Nashville, Tennessee. We grow, extract and formulate our products within a 60 mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee and are proud to be a PickTN product.


Lab Tested: Curacion CBD gummies are third-party tested.


*All CBD products are in compliance with federal law and are hemp derived.

  • Consume gummies as needed. Please be aware that effects are dependent on your metabolism. Effects are typically felt within 30 minutes to an hour and a half after consumption but can vary.

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All products are all natural.


Our circular economic model allows us to grow, produce and manufacturer products in a 60 mile radius.


All products are 3rd party lab tested. 


Our hemp is raised from sustainably sourced non GMO genetics.

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