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Is CBD Safe for my Pet?

There is no evidence that CBD is toxic for your pet or animal. However, there is a current lack of knowledge surrounding dosing and possible interactions with other medications your pet may be taking. For this reason we do highly suggest consulting your veterinarian before giving your pet CBD to see if it is the right option for your pet. Our dosing recommendations are generalized recommendations that apply to most pets, however we know that each pet should be treated on an individual basis so for that reason we recommend consulting your vet first. 

CBD for Dogs

Curacion Dosing Recommendations

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CBD for pets and humans is a relatively similar product. They both have CBD oil suspended in a carrier oil, but from there the formulations could differ significantly. Curacion products use the same carrier oil in pet and human products however the mg of CBD differ significantly. For pets our tincture is formulated with 250mg of CBD and for humans it starts at 750mg. So it is important to notice those formulation difference because our pets typically weigh a lot less than we do. Since there is not enough research on correct dosing we suggest the starting conservatively and increasing the dose if needed. This process may seem frustrating because it can also lead to the conclusion that CBD does not work when in fact your dosing may need to be adjusted. We're always here to help you navigate through integrating CBD into your holistic wellness plan and you can trust that our dosing recommendations come from compiled anecdotal research and when the science becomes available we will have the most up to date information available to you. One thing to also keep in mind when selecting a good CBD tincture or oral CBD product for your pet are the other ingredients. In some human formulas I have seen companies adding essential oils such as black pepper extract or flavor oils. These may not be safe for pets so it is important to read the ingredients. Curacion products do not contain any flavor or essential oils just CBD oil and the carrier MCT oil. Curacion's CBD oil is consistently made using the same variety of hemp, processes and in the same place so we pride ourselves in offering a consistent product that you can trust. For pets, large amounts of THC can be extremely toxic so for this reason our products are made with a CBD oil distillate that contains virtually no Delta 9 THC. Our distillation process does preserve other beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids that facilitate the "entourage effect".

Why should I give my pet CBD oil?

Research is still being conducted to pinpoint the exact benefits that CBD oil can provide to your pets, but there is a large body of anecdotal research (consumer reports) that discuss the benefits associated with pets consuming CBD oil.

What the Veterinarians and Research are saying>

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