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Curacion's 250mg CBD Oil for Dogs and Pets

250mg CBD Oil for Dogs and Pets

Your furry friends deserve the best, and that's exactly what they'll get with Curacion's 250mg CBD Oil for Dogs and Pets. This high-quality tincture is made with organic CBD hemp oil and fractionated coconut (MCT) oil, ensuring maximum bioavailability for your pets. By including a full spectrum of cannabinoids and phytochemicals like polyphenols, flavonoids, and terpenes, this formula offers a holistic approach to promoting your pet's wellbeing. Whether your pet needs help managing anxiety, pain, or inflammation, Curacion's CBD hemp oil is the natural, effective solution you've been searching for. Trust Curacion's high CBD tincture to support your pet's health and happiness.


  • Organic Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Oil, Fractionated Coconut (MCT) Oil

    *Contains Tree Nuts 



All products are all natural.


Our circular economic model allows us to grow, produce and manufacturer products in a 60 mile radius.


All products are 3rd party lab tested. 


Our hemp is raised from sustainably sourced non GMO genetics.

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